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About WyzMail

What is WyzMail?

SmartphoneWyzMail is an email provider. We'll provide you with an email address, including a domain name if you wish, and limited storage space for incoming emails in the same way gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail do. You can access your emails and send emails from any computer connected to the Internet with a web-browser.

Unlike Hotmail/Yahoo! Mail, we also let you access your emails from home/work using programs like Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Messenger. Paid accounts also get additional storage space and features as described in our price list.

We set out to create a system that was designed to be fast and effective. Here are the best features of WyzMail.

  • It's fast

    • No graphics, no ads and lean HTML pages means that most screens take 2-3 seconds. Compare that to 25-30 seconds for other systems or worse if, as is usual, they're vastly overloaded

    • Since that's our name (WyzMail), we're committed to continuously providing you the fastest email system possible. We understand that you want to get things done, not wait for advertiser's messages to load

  • It's professional

    • No ads or tag-lines in sent messages  You get to choose the signature you want to appear at the bottom of every message. Keep multiple signatures for your work, personal, club, etc. emails

    • Use your own work email address as the reply address (if you prefer)

    • Use the powerful spelling checker to ensure your email is error-free

    • Use the AutoFormat command to format your email including bullet points, indented paragraphs, and so forth

  • It's unobstructed

    • You can send and receive up to 100 MB sized messages

    • You can get email from as many external providers as you like using POP

    • You can redirect (like forwarding, but keeps the original sender intact) as many messages as you want to another email address, rather than having to forward them individually

  • It's available from everywhere

    • WyzMail will work on the browser you find at your hotel room, airport lounge, TV internet, and so forth

  • It's efficient

    • It's designed to get things done for you as fast as possible

    • For example, attaching up to 3 files to an email message is available directly from the message composing screen

    • Just about every action can be accessed with 2 clicks

    • You can happily open multiple windows and browse different folders in different windows at the same time

    • If you are reading a message with many large attachments, a single click tells WyzMail to compress all the attachments into a single zip file and send it to you

  • It's externally accessible

    • WyzMail provides external POP access!

    • I works with all the Smartphone platforms.

    • This means you can retrieve messages to a local client using POP (POP access only available for subscribers)

    • Or you can leave messages at WyzMail, and access all your folders, Inbox, etc using IMAP compatible mailers such as Outlook, Eudora, Windows Mail, and Thunderbird.



Thanks, ESR

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